The right sensor for your application

Professional grade

Our team comes from the surveying industry. As such, the AVEM has been designed around the best cameras on the market to meet the highly demanding needs of its customers.


The AVEM is a unique platform that can cover all your needs thanks to its capability to work with a wide variety of sensors. If you have a new application, just get the matching sensor!

Future Proof

Sensor technologies are fast evolving and getting better every day. Interchangeable payloads guarantees you’ll be able to always benefit from the latest products from the industry.

Our range of sensors

Sony Alpha 5100
SpectrumRGB (standard) or NIR-V-B (Near Infrared)
Focal19mm + 30 mm Sigma included
Sensor Type24MPx APS-C
GSDDown to 0.8cm
Productivity & Resolution
30mm Lens
19mm Lens
1 cm 80 m 1 km²/hr 1.7 cm 80 m 2.1 km²/hr
2 cm 150 m 2.4 km²/hr 2 cm 100 m 2.8 km²/hr
3 cm 230 m 4.1 km²/hr 3 cm 150 m 4.1 km²/hr
5 cm 380 m 6.8 km²/hr 5 cm 245 m 6.8 km²/hr
10 cm 750 m 13.5 km²/hr 10 cm 480 m 13.5 km²/hr
20 cm 1500 m 29.6 km²/hr 20 cm 970 m 29.6 km²/hr
* Values obtained with a 45% overlap

Sony RX1R-II
SpectrumRGB (standard) or NIR-V-B (multispectral)
FocalCarl Zeiss 35mm
Sensor Type42MPx Full Frame
GSDDown to 0.8cm

Productivity & Resolution

35mm Lens
1 cm80 m1.8 km²/hr
2 cm160 m3,6 km²/hr
3 cm240 m5.4 km²/hr
5 cm390 m8.7 km²/hr
10 cm780 m17.4 km²/hr
20 cm1560 m34.8 km²/hr
* Values obtained with a 45% overlap

Micasense Rededge MX

  • Captures five narrow spectral bands : Blue, Green, Red, RedEdge, Near Infrared
  • Light calibration sensor
  • Calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements
  • Operates in temperatures up to 60℃ or 140℉
  • Metal case
  • GSD : 8cm at 120m AGL

Includes : RedEdge-MX sensor, Light calibration sensor DLS 2 with embedded GPS, Calibrated Reflectance Panel, lens cover and hard carrying case, 32 GB SD Card, AVEM integration kit

Optris PI640 Thermal Camera
Spectrum 7.5um to 13um (Thermal)
Focal 15°, 33°, 60° or 90°
Temperature Range -20°C to +900°C
Resolution 640×480
Sensitivity 75mK

Build Your Own!

If you have specific needs, we can cover that too! Pick your own sensor and our team of experts will assist in integrating it into the AVEM. The possibilities are endless! If it fits, we’ll provide the mechanical, electrical and software integration to get you started quickly with your sensor.

Payload max dimensions: 125x90x90mm (4.92″x3.54″x3.54″)

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