The Aries Software Suite

Make the most out of your drone


We’ve made it simple! All the heavy lifting is performed under the hood and our intuitive software will get you started in no time.


Our software’s impressive set of tools and features allows you to quickly and easily plan and fly the most complex missions, in full confidence.

All in one

Everything is included! The Aries software suite handles everything: planning, flying and exporting your data to photogrammetric software.

The Aries software suite is our in-house designed set of tools that is included with every Aeromapper’s drone system. Comprised with Aeroplanner, Aerostation and Aerogeo, it covers the entire workflow from planning a mission to flying it and exporting all the data with great accuracy. See below all the best features!

1. Planning with Aeroplanner

Aeroplanner lets you plan your missions. We have designed it to make sure your flights are safe with terrain elevation and obstacle management features. It also includes our patent-pending tool which greatly optimizes the time required to follow curved linear networks


  • Display World imagery / World elevation map
  • View obstacles (Power lines and Wind turbines)
  • Plan using powerful large area and linear networks mapping tools
  • Automatic overlap calculations
  • Use our patent-pending linear networks following tool
  • Export & Import KML/KMZ files
  • Display flight path and duration
  • Radio line of sight and range estimation
  • Automatically verify ground clearances
  • Advanced geofencing capabilities
  • No internet connection required to modify a flight plan

2. Flying with Aerostation

Designed following aeronautic standards, Aerostation is our in-house flight monitoring software. It automatically monitors all the flight parameters and ensures flight safety at all times. Once you have planned your mission with Aeroplanner, Aerostation will allow you to simulate, fly and even replay your missions.


  • Simulate your flights
  • Replay your missions
  • Ground proximity warning
  • Automatic self-test & takeoff checklist
  • Interrupt and restart flight plans at any time
  • Powerful alarm & warning system
  • Display terrain elevation
  • View live forward-facing video
  • Instantly visualize the complete system health & status
  • Export your flight logs

3. Exporting with Aerogeo

In just a few clicks, Aerogeo will allow you to check the integrity of your data and export geotagged images with centimetric accuracy to subsequent photogrammetric post-processing software.


  • Check data integrity
  • Geotag your pictures
  • Obtain centimetric accuracy with PPK GPS
  • Export CSV and EXIF
  • Compatible with all photogrammetric suites on the market