Meet the AVEM

Our large-scale, long-range drone

3Hrs / 180Km Range

High Data Quality

Light & Easy

The Avem is our next-generation long-range UAV. Certified for beyond line of sight operations, it is capable of working over massive areas. You look for the best possible data quality ? By choosing the Avem and its wide range of sensors you will have the best tool for your application.

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What we offer

Long-Range UAV Systems Long-Range UAV Systems

We design and manufacture long-range, high reliability UAV systems that allows collecting data over large scale infrastructures. These systems are field-proven with thousands of flights performed over the years.

Data acquisition Services Data acquisition Services

Looking into collecting data without purchasing a complete system yet? We provide data acquisition services all around the world! Our dedicated team has extensive experience with our systems and thousands of flights on the record!

Data Intelligence Data Intelligence

We build application-specific software using the best technologies available such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. It automatically processes the data and turns it into actionnable, valuable results.

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