Raw Data is useless, Processed Data is gold

Turn your data into valuable assets

Get value from your data

We build tools to transform raw imagery into valuable, actionable insigths.

Automate the process

Let the machine do the work for you! Our AI algorithms can handle it automatically.

Don't miss a thing!

Remove human errors in data analysis by using repeatable automated solutions.

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Our team of data scientists is capable of designing automatic object detection systems, with asset recognition and geolocation, on the fly. We use these systems in infrastructure monitoring in order to automatically detect and assert threats to the network, and automatically monitor the network’s assets and health.

Data Processing

In order to analyze complex Multispectral, Thermal or even Geomagnetic data we build tools that processes the raw data into operator-friendly intelligible data that can be turned into actionnable decisions.

Data Visualization

The sheer amount of data that can be produced by our systems is most of the time too dense to be looked at individually. In order to turn this data into valuable decision making tools, we design visualization software and tools that allows the operators to see and understand the situation in a single look.