Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Aerial Mapping & Surveys

Whether it is for mines & quarries, construction work, cadastral studies, urban planning or environmental studies, the need for precise and up-to-date geographical information is crucial to making correct decisions.

The two main products needed in these fields are precise ortho imagery and 3D models of the derrain (DSM & DTM).

Mines & Quarries

Construction Work

Cadastral Studies

Airplanes and satellites were historically used for these purposes. These tools are very well suited for the low resolution mapping of very large surfaces, however they lack the capacity to operate on smaller scale terrains. The cost of mobilising an airplane or a satellite for a smaller area is prohibitive.

These tools are also not capable of providing very fine resolution imagery, typically around 30cm for airplanes and 1 meter for satellites.

Our Solution

Long-range UAV system

The AVEM system allows great productivity over your survey areas. Given its range and endurance it is capable of covering large portions of the infrastructure in short periods of time. Equipped with a high resolution camera it is the perfect tool for photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of the terrain.
Small and lightweight, it can be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for supporting infrastructure.

Typically, the system is capable of mapping up to 400ha per hours of flight at 3cm of ground resolution.

Photogrammetric Reconstruction

Using our High-Definition photgraphic sensors – either in the visible spectrum or in the near-infrared spectrum -, it is possible to reconstruct accurate 3D models and orthophotos of the terrain.

Our PPK post-processing tools allows an absolute accuracy of a few centimeters on the geolocation of the pictures.

The resolution can be as low as 1cm and final absolute accuracy down to 4cm.

Example Imagery

(Click on the images for interactive viewer)
Midi d'Ossau Peak 3D model
River shores orthophoto
River shores 3D model
Golf orthophoto
Railway orthophoto
Railway 3D model
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