Railways & Roads

Linear Networks Maintenance

Getting trains to arrive on time and without incidents requires cautious monitoring of the railway infrastructure:

  • Vegetation growth monitoring and maintenance
  • Foreign objects on tracks
  • Terrain integrity and stability

Vegetation Maintenance

Threat detection

Terrain Management

The size of these networks make it very hard to monitor properly with enough precision. Mostly airplanes are used with LIDAR sensors to model the terrain and vegetation when and where available. This is a complex and very expensive process. In remote locations such tools are not available.

Our Solution

Long-range UAV system

The AVEM system allows great productivity over your networks. Given its range and endurance it is capable of covering large portions of the infrastructure in short periods of time. Equipped with a high resolution camera it is the perfect tool for photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of the terrain.
Small and lightweight, it can be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for supporting infrastructure.

Photogrammetric Reconstruction

Since the UAV can fly at low altitudes, it is possible to use photogrammetric reconstruction techniques to model in 3D the terrain and vegetation surrounding the railways. This requires much less expensive sensors and delivers excellent precision and accuracy (down to 1cm).

Using our Multispectral near-infrared cameras allows precision monitoring of the vegetation.

Our tools allow to classify the elements on the ground and quickly process the data over the whole network.

Vegetation monitoring with near-infrared cameras


3D terrain reconstruction

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