Precision Agriculture / Viticulture

Getting the best yield and quality out of crops or vines requires a constant knowledge of the plants health and vigor over their lifetime. This knowledge allows to:

  • Treat and prevent diseases
  • Adjust fertilizer's quantities on a per plant basis
  • Plan harvests precisely
  • Arrange stocks per similarities

Use less fertilizer

Treat and prevent diseases

Plan harvests

Airplanes and satellites are sometimes used to provide imagery at low resolution over the fields. These techniques typically allows some level of information over a per field basis, but no tool exists that allows enough precision to go farther down to the plant level.

Manual labor is often used to sample a few plant’s characteristics and then extrapolated to the whole field. This is time consuming and prone to error.

Our Solution

Long-range UAV System

The AVEM system allows great productivity over your crops. Given its range and endurance it is capable of covering large fields over very little time.

Equipped with a high resolution multispectral camera it is the perfect tool to analyze crops vigor & health.

Typically, the system is capable of mapping up to 400ha per hours of flight at 3cm of ground resolution.

Multispectral Data Intelligence

Our application-specific software & processes allows to turn multispectral imagery into actionnable crops or wines vigor maps, down to a per-plant resolution.

This kind of precision allows the detection of missing, dead, or diseased plants and further improve yield and quality.

Vineyard vigor map

Missing plants detection

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