Protecting the environment

Environmental studies requires the ability to see, count and recognize different plant species, or algae types. Monitoring terrain movements and stability over time requires accurate 3D modelling of the soil.

All-in-all, these studies all requires precise, repeatable surveying processes with great resolution and accuracy.

Monitoring flora

Characterizing ground erosion

Locating uncontrolled landfills

All these applications requires repeated high-resolution surveys. These surveys are usually done by sampling parts of the area with manual labor. Airplanes and satellites do not offer the required ground resolution. These techniques are expensive, time consuming and prone to error.

Our Solution

Long-Range UAV system

The AVEM system allows great productivity over your survey areas. Given its range and endurance it is capable of covering large portions of the infrastructure in short periods of time.

Equipped with a high resolution camera it is the perfect tool for photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of the terrain and high-resolution ortho-imagery creation.

Typically, the system is capable of mapping up to 400ha per hours of flight and up to a ground resolution of 1cm.

Photogrammetric reconstruction

Using our High-Definition photgraphic sensors – either in the visible spectrum or in the near-infrared spectrum -, it is possible to reconstruct accurate 3D models and orthophotos of the terrain.

Our PPK post-processing tools allows an absolute accuracy of a few centimeters on the geolocation of the pictures.

The resolution can be as low as 1cm and final absolute accuracy down to 4cm.

Examples from Environmental studies operations

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