Aerial data acquisition

Geographical Data

Collecting geographical data and producing orthoimagery and digital surface models.

Worldwide Services

When and where you need it! We can operate just about anywhere in the world.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring vegetation, threats and hazards over your networks.

An experienced and dedicated team

Aeromapper has been founded by former GIS professionals working in the field of aerial data collection using airplanes. We have cumulated thousands of flights in operations in France and abroad.

We help our clients digitizing their infrastructures. Our mission is to deliver high quality geographical data and assist in using this data in your decision-making process.

The advantages of long-distance flights

  • Higher productivity, mapping surfaces of up to 20km² per day or over 100km of linear inftrastructures per day
  • Acquiring data faster, for better homogeneity
  • Surveying sensitive or hard to access areas by operating remotely

Safety first!

  • Strict compliance with aerial regulations
  • BVLOS certified by the French authorities since 2014
  • Hundreds of successful operations
  • Our pilots all have their airplane pilot licenses and hundreds of flight hours

High-Quality Imagery

Our high resolution sensors can deliver different types of imagery:

  • Standard RGB in the visible spectrum
  • NIR-VB near-infrared imagery
  • Thermal imagery
  • Realtime Full HD live video


  • Raw geotagged images
  • Orthophoto imagery
  • Point clouds
  • 3D models
  • Inspection reports
  • HD video
  • Agricultural imagery
  • Cubature

Imagery Specifications

  • Ground resolution down to 0.8cm
  • Excellent radiometry
  • Minimal visual distorsions

Accuracy Specifications

  • UAV systems equipped with PPK GPS (Post-Processed Kinematics)
  • Absolute precision from 3cm over X/Y, 6cm over Z

They choose Aeromapper

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