Security / Surveillance

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

The ISR drone is a basic aerial component of modern civilian and military entities looking to gather data in realtime.

Be it for emergency response, infrastructure surveillance and monitoring or remote reconaissance, the ability to have an ‘eye in the air’ is of paramount importance.

Search & Rescue operations

Infrastructure Surveillance

Target Detection

Long-range high endurance civilian UAVs that matches the performance, imagery quality and regulatory certifications to be allowed to fly within a country’s airspace are virtually nonexistant.

Airplanes and helicopters can be flown for these missions. However the cost of operation of these tools is extremely high, requires supporting infrastructures and they do not allow any ‘stealth’ operation.

Our Solution

Long-range UAV system

The AVEM system offers 3 hours of flight time over a range of up to 20km and is BVLOS certified by the French Aviation Authorities.

Equipped with our dual 20x EO/IR stabilized gimbal this is the perfect tool for all your surveillance operations.

Lightweight and with a small footprint, it can be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for any specific infrastructure.

ISR-Specific software

Our ISR software suite offers all the required tools needed to operate the UAV and it’s payload efficiently. Image stabilization, target tracking, etc… are all available in a user friendly application.

ISR Imagery

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