Oil & Gas

Infrastructure Monitoring

Oil & Gas infrastructure requires constant monitoring to ensure:

  • No immediate threats can endanger the network
  • There is no environmental threats (floods, landslides, ...)
  • Signalling of underground pipes remains in good condition

Construction works


Pipeline signalling

Monitoring these networks is currently achieved at great cost using airplanes or helicopters and is dependant on these tools being available nearby. Moreover, the observation is purely manual and prone to error, with no possibility to digitize and archive the flights and detections for quality assessment.

Our solution

Long-Range UAV System

The AVEM system allows great productivity over your networks. Given its range and endurance it is capable of covering large portions of the infrastructures in short periods of time. Equipped with a real-time video sensor it is the perfect tool to monitor your networks.

Small and lightweight, it can be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for supporting infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, we have developped a complete software suite for the real-time monitoring of your networks.

Threat detection, assessment and classification is performed automatically and the results are presented to the operator on the fly for verification.

The entire video is stored and archived and allows quality insurance over time.

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